Twisted Disco sweetness…

Image of turntable and record cover

My goodness! What a Twisted Disco for Notts Pride sesh at the Angel Microbrewery that was. Steaming. Thanks to everyone who bopped, hung out and said hello. We had a blast, people.

Big thanks to Steve for the slot and and his crew for looking after us all night. We’ll be back, folks. Oh, yes…

The all-important tunes:
Strong Games And Funky Things-Love Unimited Orchestra//Disco Jamm-Eddie Drennon//Travolta Fever-Luxxury//Love To Love You Baby-Donna Summer//Love The Way You Love Me-Marti Caine//Touch Your Life-George Ad Glen Miller//I Want To Do Something Freaky To You-Leon Haywood//Do What You Gotta Do-Eddie Drennon//It’s Only Love Doing Its Thing-Barry White//Standing Right Here-Melba Moore//Come Back Love-Fresh Band//Just An Illusion-Imagination//Sore Lip-Ritual//Hooked On You(edit)-Cerrone//And You Call That Love-Vernon Burch//Louie Ramirez-Do It Any Way Ya Wanna//The Bomb-Herbie Hancock//Get Down Saturday Night-Oliver Cheatham//Grind-Les Sins//Shoot The Pump-J Walter Negro And Loose Jointz//Cop Bop-Portable Control//That’s Hot-Jessie G//Some Love-Chaka Khan//I Just Can’t Help Myself-Big Daddy Floyd//Do The Beat-Sweet Talks//Shame-Evelyn Champagne King//Bad Girls-Donna Summer//Love Vibration-Joe Simon//Get On The Floor-Michael Jackson//You Can Get Over-Stephanie Mills//Starlight-Index//Spank(remix)-Jimmy Bo Horne//Grapevine Boogie-Leftside Wobble//Tutti Frutti(remix)-New Order//I’ve Got A Feeling-Larse//Do Ya Wanna Funk-Sylvester

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