That was Post Punk Disco. Have another one…

Image of post punk and new wave record covers

Massive big shout out to everyone who got stuck into our PostPunkDisco sesh at Rough Trade Nottingham on 26th February. Fab night, people.

We’re doing it all again on Friday 29th April. Same place. Same time. See you there.

Ok, the juicy stuff we dropped on ya last time or thereabouts:
Off The Beaten Track-African Head Charge//Lunatics…- Fun Boy Three//Surface To Air-Playgroup//Aikea Guinea-Cocteau Twins//Our Belgian Friends-The Durutti Column//Back To Nature-Fad Gadget//Hot On The Heels Of Love-Throbbing Gristle//Warm Leatherette-The Normal//Looking From A Hilltop-Section 25//Nag Nag Nag-Cabaret Voltaire//Happy Birthday-Birthday Party//Death Disco-PIL//Where There’s A Will-The Pop Group//Coup-23 Skidoo//She’s Lost Control-Grace Jones//Ghost Town-The Specials//Slippery People(remix)-Talking Heads//Turn To Red(dub)-Killing Joke//Planet Claire-B52s//You Got Good Taste-The Cramps//Gone Baby Gone-Violent Femmes//Pump It Up-Elvis Costello//Optimo-Liquid Liquid//Grapevine-The Slits//Can’t Be Funky-Bush Tetras//Mind Your Own Business-Delta 5//We’re So Cool-Au Pairs//Papa’s…-PigBag//So Hungry,So Angry-Medium Medium//Shack Up-A Certain Ratio//Wordy Rappinghood(edit)-Tom Tom Club//My Spine Is The Bassline-Shriekback//The Cutter-Echo And The Bunnymen//Spellbound-Siouxsie And The Banshees//We Are So Fragile-Tubeway Army//Adolescent Sex-Japan//Telegram Sam-Bauhaus//1969-Sisters Of Mercy//Digital-Joy Division//Damaged Goods-Gang Of Four//Whip It-Devo//Behind The Wheel(remix)-Depeche Mode//Baby Turned Blue-Virgin Prunes//Homosapien-Pete Shelley//Memorabilia-Soft Cell//Sound Of The Crowd-Human League//I Travel-Simple Minds//The Walk-The Cure//Atomic-Blondie//Radio Clash-The Clash//Once In A Lifetime-Talking Heads//Public Image-PIL//Dream Baby Dream-Suicide


Join us saying goodbye to David Bowie…

Image of David Bowie and Mick Ronson


Like you, we were saddened and shocked to hear of David Bowie’s recent death. For once, the overwhelming outpouring of emotion was truly justified.

As NottsVinylSocial (with our pal Chris), we want to celebrate Bowie’s music and the massive impact he’s had on popular culture.

So we’re putting on a special “Bowie Night” upstairs at Lincolnshire Poacher, Mansfield Road, Notts on Friday 5th February. We will be playing his game changer LP, Ziggy Stardust, plus a choice selection of cuts by Bowie, his own influences and artists he’s influenced over the years.

We’d love you to join us to talk Bowie, enjoy his music and say goodbye to one of the biggest musical icons of the last 50 years.

Tunes start at 8.30pm and it’ll cost you nought to walk in. See you there.

Now that was a right #SaturdayJamm…

Image of worn vinyl sleeves

We had an ace time spinning black wax at RoughTrade, Nottingham on Saturday 30th May.

Special shout out to everyone who supported our #SaturdayJamm sesh by popping by. Big nod to all the nice new people we met too. Good on ya. Hoping to do it all again very soon.

For now, here’s the juice what we dropped:

David McCallum-House Of Mirrors//The Eagles-California Eagles(Luxury edit)//Ned Doheny-Get It Up For Love//Psychonauts-Circles//Talking Heads-Slippery People (remix)//The Love-Linus Loves//Hodges, James, Smith & Crawford-Nobody//Bo Diddley-Elephant Man//Jimmy Castor Bunch-Troglodyte//The JBs-Pass The Peas//Reuma Abas-Wa’ana Fad Leumi (edit)//The Avalanches-Since I Left You//Chic’-Chic’ Cheer//Jay Dee-Strange Games And Funky Things//Salsoul Orchestra-Take Some Time Out For Love//Funkadelic-One Nation Under A Groove//Jimmy Spicer-Super Rhymes//Young Generation-We Rap More Mellow//Ian Dury-Reasons To Be Cheerful (Part 3)//Man Parrish-Hip Hop Be Bop//Malcolm McClaren And The Supreme Team-Buffalo Gals//Beastie Boys-She’s Crafty//Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five-The Message (edit)//Harry J Allstars-Liquidator (remix)//The Pioneers-Long Shot Kick de Bucket//Leftfield-Open Up (dub)//Thievery Corporation-It Takes A Thief//William Onyeabor-Body And Soul (Scientist mix)//The Clash-Magnificent Dance//Gang Do Tagarela-Melo Da Tagarela//Deee-Lite-What Is Love (remix)//Ragtyme-Fix It Man//New York City Peach Boys-Don’t Make Me Wait//Raw Silk-Do It To The Music//Donald Byrd-Love Has Come Around//Banbarra-Shack Up//Boiling Point-Let’s Get Funkified//Fantastic Four-B.Y.O.F.//Jesie G-That’s Hot//Cameo-It’s Serious//Sweet Daddy Floyd-I Just Can’t Help Myself//Salsoul Orchestra-You’re Just The Right Size (dub)//Joe Simon-Love Vibration//Barry White-It’s Only Love Doing It’s Thing

Time for another #SaturdayJamm, people…

Image of outside of Rough Trade records, Nottingham

We’re finally popping our Rough Trade DJ slot cherry in their upstairs cafe at their gaff along Broad Street from 3pm ’til 7pm on Sat. 30th May.

Vinyl-only set pulling in all sorts of fine nuggets. Cafe’s a nice chilled space and kiddies are very welcome too. Been ages since we played out with some black wax so we’re well up for it.

Hoping it’ll be the first of a few slots over the coming months.

Be fab to see you if you’re in town that day.

More #VinylJamm sessions coming your way…

Peacock VJ 20th Sept. (JB)We’re well chuffed to say we’re having another #VinylJamm sesh downstairs at The Peacock, NG1 on Saturday 20th September ’14.

Same sweet vinyl groove: disco, funk ’n soul nuggets all on juicy black wax. Crackles ‘n all. Plus a few cheeky sonic surprises.

Tunes start at 8pm (’til late) and being downstairs it’s zip to walk in and enjoy. Do come. Be nice to see ya’s.

It’s #VinylJamm time again…

Image of #VinylJamm flyerWe’re made up to say we’ll be doing another #VinylJamm session downstairs at The Peacock, NG1 on Saturday 16th August.

Same all-vinyl groove: we’ll be spinning oh-so carefully chosen disco, funk ’n soul nuggets. All on juicy black wax.

Tunes start at 8pm (’til late) and being downstairs it’s totally nought to walk in. Bargain.

Do come. Be so nice to see ya’s.

DirtyDiscoSoundsystem Halloween-Bonfire Night combo mixtape now up…

A raucous DirtyDiscoSoundsystem Halloween-Bonfire Night combo mixtape for y’all. Wearing black while you listen ain’t obligatory but it won’t hurt! Enjoy and share.

Death in Vegas: Hands Around My Throat // Siouxsie And The Banshees: Happy House // Bush Tetras: Can’t Be Funky // James White And The Blacks: Contort Yourself // Gang Of Four: Damaged Goods // The Cramps: New Kind Of Kick // The Stooges: No Fun // Grinderman: No Pussy Blues // Jesus And Mary Chain: Reverence // Primal Scream: Accelerator // Funkadelic: Wars Of Armageddon //  John Carpenter and Alan Howarth: The Duke Arrives

dirtydiscosoundsystem are blogging too..!

DirtyDiscoSoundsystem vinyl imageOur space, our music, our night. 

A soundsystem running local club nights for people who want massive tunes from a widescreen musical canvass, great company, and simply no hassle.

We’re starting out small but who knows where this will go. Get ready…

Expect: Chic, Daft Punk, Primal Scream, The Cramps, Prince, Roxy Music, Grandmaster Flash, War, The Prodigy, Public Image Limited, Hot Chip, Massive Attack, B52’s, The Stooges, Leftfield, Funkadelic, Queens of the Stone Age, Eric B and Rakim, Soft Cell, The Clash, Sparks, Joy Division, Donna Summer, Lee Perry, KLF, The Specials, David Bowie, ESG… think y’all get the picture.

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