DirtyDiscoSoundsystem Halloween-Bonfire Night combo mixtape now up…

A raucous DirtyDiscoSoundsystem Halloween-Bonfire Night combo mixtape for y’all. Wearing black while you listen ain’t obligatory but it won’t hurt! Enjoy and share.


Death in Vegas: Hands Around My Throat // Siouxsie And The Banshees: Happy House // Bush Tetras: Can’t Be Funky // James White And The Blacks: Contort Yourself // Gang Of Four: Damaged Goods // The Cramps: New Kind Of Kick // The Stooges: No Fun // Grinderman: No Pussy Blues // Jesus And Mary Chain: Reverence // Primal Scream: Accelerator // Funkadelic: Wars Of Armageddon //  John Carpenter and Alan Howarth: The Duke Arrives

dirtydiscosoundsystem are blogging too..!

DirtyDiscoSoundsystem vinyl imageOur space, our music, our night. 

A soundsystem running local club nights for people who want massive tunes from a widescreen musical canvass, great company, and simply no hassle.

We’re starting out small but who knows where this will go. Get ready…

Expect: Chic, Daft Punk, Primal Scream, The Cramps, Prince, Roxy Music, Grandmaster Flash, War, The Prodigy, Public Image Limited, Hot Chip, Massive Attack, B52’s, The Stooges, Leftfield, Funkadelic, Queens of the Stone Age, Eric B and Rakim, Soft Cell, The Clash, Sparks, Joy Division, Donna Summer, Lee Perry, KLF, The Specials, David Bowie, ESG… think y’all get the picture.

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